Friday, April 19, 2013

Bits of Pics from Beginning of April to mid April 2013

Silly Katie!  4/1/2013

4/5/2013 - Made delicious muffins - some blueberry, some strawberry and some plain.  What a good recipe I have!  They look like those big ones you find in bakeries!  And they taste so good too!  They are made with maple syrup - yum!

4/6/2013 - Makana was excited that she found ice in the shape of a large circle!

4/7/2013 - Those muffins were SO good that I made a bunch of them!

4/9/2013 - Katie practiced making fake bruises at school - ouch it does look real!

Jim, I and the three younger kids visited the Discovery Museum in Bangor, ME on 4/14/2013

4/15 - Makana checks out the crocuses

This site is surely welcomed!!!  Especially this year!

No peepers here yet...but we are hoping and waiting.

We can hear them down the street though.  One night, the kids and I captured their loud peeps as well as other frogs sounds (scroll to last video).

Wood frogs are the first frog sounds we usually hear in our pond.

Note: It took the peepers a long time to actually peep in our backyard, but thankfully, they did come! :)  Just much later than we a couple of weeks later!  I think they started peeping sometime between early to mid May.

View of our backyard sans snow!

Found these cookies at the Belfast Coop and was so excited to find a cookie that doesn't have nuts.   How cool that we could learn something from them too!  What a cool idea!  

Makana and I had fun making a bunch of these "Henry Utter" videos....the left us laughing so hard!  Here is one of the many takes.  (I had suggested she call this character Henrietta, but Makana called it Henry Utter!)

The sound of the peepers on 4/19/2013 down the street by the usual marshy area that is extra full of frogs this time of year!  When we go by in the car, it is a joy to hear them so loud!  I even open my windows for the full experience sometimes!!

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