Sunday, April 14, 2013

Kanoa's favorite food choices

To make it easier for Kanoa to consider some of the foods he might like to eat, I hung this on the fridge a couple of months ago.  He says that the pizza is not pizza.  It looks like watermelon!  (true!)

Lately he is not not into eggs as much and has preferred smoothies lately.  He still likes O's a lot.  

I should have put chocolate chip cookies and ice cream on here too as that makes up the most favorite part of his foods!  I will add those things!  And saltine crackers too.

Oh, those "cheese FF" are not cheese fries, but cheddar cheese cut long like FF.  

He is not a big veggie eater, though he used to eat broccoli and soup - but not for a while now.  His likes seem to change every so often.  I'm goin' with the flow (occasionally offering veggies, but so far he's not interested).  He tried apple slices and liked them, but then another time he tried a different kind of apple and disliked it and spit it out all over and hasn't wanted any apples or apple slices since.  They are part of the raw oatmeal and he will gladly eat them in there, but not separate.  

Raw oatmeal: 2 apples, 1 ripe avocado, some raisins (maybe a handful), 1 - 2 T fresh lemon juice, some honey to sweeten (don't be shy with the honey!), some rolled oats (raw if you have them).  Blend in a vitamix or processor until  pulverized to a smooth and homogeneous consistency.  Yum!!!  

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