Saturday, June 5, 2010

4/1 - 4/25/2010

4/1 - Video 2766 - Kanoa climbs on the couch

4/1 - Kana wanted a picture of her and Kanoa on the couch.

4/1 - Me and Kanoa on the couch.

4/1 - Our tired guy...

4/3 - Visit to the Discovery Museum in Bangor, Maine. Kanoa and Dada look at loons. (Kanoa especially liked this.)

Lady Aneleda and Makana do calligraphy.

Here's part of the news article from the Bangor Daily News that has the kids name in it:

“Greetings unto Lady Asvre,” Lady Aneleda penned in an elaborate hand for a fascinated 4-year-old Makana Wolfrum of Camden, who was at the museum with her family. “I wish to tell you news of a fairy that glows. I have seen one, too. I am, your friend Makana.”

Makana’s older sister Katie was practicing serifs and flourishes with the calligraphy pen, and had the ink-smudged fingers of a scribe to show for it.

“I love the pens,” Katie said. “I want to get one.”

Calligraphy pens, including professional models with interchangeable nibs, are available at Borders, Lady Aneleda told the girls — casually bridging centuries of history in a single sentence.

The Society for Creative Anachronism is dedicated to researching and re-creating the arts and skills of pre-17th century Europe. With more than 30,000 dues-paying members worldwide and many times that in nonmember “players,” the organization holds festivals, tournaments, feasts, workshops, dances and other events aimed at advancing appreciation of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.
Li and Kana pretend to be eaten! lol!

The "Good Night Moon" room. Kana thought this was especially cool!

Kanoa on the motorcycle - vroom vroom!

Video 2820 - Da boys driving the truck at the museum. BEEEEEPPP!!!

Video 2836 - Kanoa finding his first Easter egg and putting it in his basket. Katie hid soft toys in his eggs (which were all yellow so we knew they were his), but he lost interest in collecting them after the first one.
4/4/2010 - Easter Sunday - This is what Li made with Banagrams. Sweet!

4/6 - This bumble bee was in our computer/fireplace room for a day or two. This morning Li stepped on it and came running upstairs to tell me! I put a cup over it and slid an envelope under it and put it outside to fly away. I bet it was as happy as we were!

4/12 - Katie made this for Makana to give to Azure a couple of days ago. We took this photo of it so Kana could always remember it.

4/13 - Makana wore this all day...for a walk around the neighborhood, out to Plants Unlimited to pick up pansies, in the garden planting the pansies and digging holes. She looked so cute!

4/13/2010 - This is Makana's garden. (Photo taken from the window because Kana got cold and we had to go in and I didn't have the camera before.)

4/13 - Li being silly

4/13 - Kana took this of Kanoa (a little blurry I know..)

Video 2907 - Kana enjoying her movie Thumbelina! How could a child be denied movies?! (She was very tired this day and we opted to skip the grocery shopping and come home for a snack and movie.....a much better idea!)
4/12/2010 - Saturday - Petting Zoo at the Green Fair at Plants Unlimited

Video 2914 - The animals (petting zoo) at the Green Fair....this is NOISY!

4/12/2010 - Molly and Marsha working the Citizens For A Green Camden table.

The Citizens For A Green Camden table.

Kana, Me, Molly, Marsha at the table. It was unusually cold (imo) and even snowed (flurries) today! The coldest Green Fair to date!

4/19 - Li and Makana made lots of bubbles in the kitchen. All over!  They enjoyed exploring.

On 4/20, Julie, Jessie and Ruby visited! They enjoyed scooter and plasma car riding and the girls were jumping beans!

4/20-Here's Katie relaxing and enjoying a book!

4/21-Kanoa rides the plasma car.  Love that smile!

4/22 - Kana sets the table so it looks beautiful!

Photos of Kanoa from April 22, 2010

Kanoa especially loves horses and refers to them as "neigh-neighs."  We have an animal counting book and when we read it I say, "One horse.  The horse says neigh, neigh!"  So that is how that came about!

This video shows Kanoa saying neigh-neigh and understanding that when he hits the button with the horse on it, it makes the horse sound. 

4/23 - Kana wanted to clean the windows and Kanoa began to help!
4/25 - Kana is the abundant artist!  We bought a few plates from her, hung some, and Jim took some to work!

4/25 - Katie's "Wall of Mushing!!"  Her fairy statues on the shelf above.

4/25 - Katie worked on this illustration for her May story for a long time.  So many details!  Eye-catching!  Used colored pencils.

4/25 - Here is a great photo of Katie taken when she was about 8 years old.  I just LOVE this!  Pat McLean (part of our group Citizens For A Green Camden) took it, although when this photo was taken we had not yet formed our activist group. 

4/25 - I cut Katie and Makana's hair and Katie cut mine! Good job for our first time doing this! Jim is not interested at all in me trying to cut his hair.  Li is still leary of me using The Chopper on his hair and opted to go to the barber for a haircut with Daddy! Well!

These pictures are in our entertainment center: one is Mom and Neil on horseback taken years ago when they were on vacation, one is Jim and I on the Avon-by-the-Sea beach on Christmas Day in the early 1990's, one is Jim and Jeff (his brother) wearing Cheeseheads at Patrick's Pub (this is old too...early 1990's?) and the other is Jim's Dad (maybe 1992?).

 Here is an old photograph of my Grandma (my Dad's mother - her maiden name: Mary Jane Farrell) taken maybe when she was an older teenager.

And then a picture of my Grandfather (my Dad's father: Charles Pomanowski).

I loved them both SO much and to this day think of them very often!

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