Friday, June 11, 2010

"For King & Country" Living History Program at Colonial Pemaquid

We registered four people (hoping Jim or me taking turns, and Katie, Li and Kana) for the 1pm slot.  Excited to go! 

Volunteer prepares to join 18th-century militia at Colonial Pemaquid.

The Friends of Colonial Pemaquid are offering a new program entitled "For King and Country," appropriate for both youth and adults. volunteer participants will be trained as militia in 18th-century Fort Frederick and, using wooden muskets issued to them, will learn the British manual of arms of 1764. In addition, "recruits" will practice military formations of the period and learn about the duties and lifestyle of a soldier defending frontier Maine during the French and Indian Wars (1689-1763).

This interpretive approach, based on similar programs offered at Valley Forge National Historic Park and Fort Western in Augusta, is an opportunity for participants to have a hands-on experience that provides a window into the past, revealing that life for a soldier sometimes involves hardship, sacrifice and danger, but is often routine and uneventful.

"For King and Country" will be presented at Colonial Pemaquid State Historic Site in New Harbor on Saturday, June 12, at 1 and 3 p.m, weather permitting. Although there is no cost for the program, advance reservations are required and participation is limited to 18 recruits per session. To enlist, call Colonial Pemaquid at 677-2423.

Pemaquid is located off Route 130, approximately 12 miles south of Route 1. For more information, visit or contact the park manager at 677-2423.

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