Saturday, June 19, 2010

Early May 2010 to 5/23/2010.....catching up on pictures...

5/1/2010 - Kana is anxious to go to the yard sale down the road.  Came here first to meet an author who wrote Andre books and to find out about how to support a state organization that rescues stranded sea animals.

5/1/2010 - This was the second frog of the season we caught. (The first one of the season jumped on Kanoa, so he is not so sure about frogs yet....).  Below this photo is a video of the frog.  Kanoa is with Jim watching, but not wanting to get too close. Kana wants to hold it.


5/1 - Katie decked herself out with markers.

5/3/2010 - Kanoa loves ripping paper and shredding it.  (This can be very helpful if I am busy helping someone in the bathroom...just give him some toilet paper to rip up.  And he even puts it in the potty or garbage sometimes.  Other times it goes on the floor which is still easy to clean up.)

Love this picture!

And this one too!  Noticing all the drool!  Teeth are coming in big time (molars).

5/5/2010 - Our first meeting of the Kids Can Grow Program at the Cooperative Extension office in Waldoboro, Maine.  What a lovely view of the mountains in the distance!

The black flies were biting this day ....alot!  We had bug nets, but no repellent on.

Kana hammers the garden bed.

Did you know you can use a dandelion stem for a straw?  Read it in a book and we decided to try it while we took a break inside.  Kanoa usually has yogurt (Stonyfield Farms Low Fat Strawberry is his favorite...and mine too lately.)

Hey! This looks like something interesting to explore!

5/7/2010 - Katie uses the Cedarworks website to create various play structures and then calculates the cost.  She really wants one.  Thinks we'd love it so much!  Bet she is right!

5/7 - Some things lying around from the day....paintings, picked flowers, Katie's playground calculations.

5/8 - Katie took some photos of Kanoa.  I just LOVE his baby curls!

5/8 - Katie and Kana had some special time together.  Katie painted her toenails and Kana's fingernails.

5/8 - Kanoa loves placing hats on people.  Sometimes he stacks lots of them on my head.  He has played this game for many months now. 


Katie took photos of each of the kids and someone took one of her.  They printed them out, cut them to size and put them all in a picture frame for mother's day.  So sweet! 

Right back at cha!

5/10/2010 - We have one baby robin's egg outside our bathroom window in the flower box!  Will there be more?  Robins typically lay 3-4 eggs.

Kana goes to the dentist for a cleaning.  She has gone once or twice before.  Check out those shades!  5/11/2010


Two eggs found in the flower box on 5/12/2010.

5/13/2010 - Look!  Three eggs now!

5/12 - Kana as Diaper Girl!

Katie's positive affirmations.

5/18/2010 - Visit to Maine Wildlife State Park in Gray - A great thing to do after the dentist appointment (turned out Li needed a filling replacement and one new filling)!  And Daddy took the day off to come so I could be with Li in the dentist office to hold the dvd player and be close to him!

Coyote - a Wolfrum favorite.  Do they pace because they are trapped in the cage?  We were thinking so, but will look into that more later.

Katie Bear!  (An old nickname - one of many!)

5/21/2010 - One of our first days at Alford Lake.  Peaceful and beautiful!

Petting a bunny! 

5/23 - Ciara (age 10?) made this gorgeous quilt for Kanoa!  How thoughtful and kind!!  And how BEAUTIFUL!  Ciara has got such skill!!!

5/23 - Few photos of Li holding Kana and Kanoa while they check something out on the computer.  Kanoa wants the mouse...

So does Kana....

Three amigos....

5/24/2010 - One baby bird hatched! 

Lordy, Lordy, Lordy!!!

We visited Kristine, Quinn and Cole and saw their new baby goats!  Maaaaa!  Maaaaa!  Katie and Kanoa especially loved them!



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