Friday, June 4, 2010

Citizens For A Green Camden Map Project Takes Off!

Camden properties with safe lawns are being painted green on a town map, with the goal of the entire map turning green and every lawn being free of unnecessary and dangerous chemicals. The initiative is sponsored by Citizens for a Green Camden, a group committed to halting the local use on lawns of toxic chemicals for cosmetic purposes.

Residents who do not use herbicides and weed-and-feed products on their lawns can green their property on the map by e-mailing their names and addresses to Marsha Smith at or by stopping in at the town office to add their name and address to a sign-up sheet. The 2-by-3-foot map will be periodically displayed at the town office, and organizers said it should be fun to watch the town slowly turn green.

Citizens for a Green Camden is encouraging residents to sign up their streets or neighborhoods, for a larger swath of green and a wider safe area. Commonly used lawn chemicals have been proven to cause cancer and neurological disorders to people and to pets, as well as reproductive disorders in humans. Many products are toxic to birds, fish and honeybees, and they pollute the water, ground and air. Because children are particularly vulnerable to the health hazards of lawn chemicals, six out of six local pediatricians have endorsed the citizen group's efforts.

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