Tuesday, June 8, 2010

June 6/8/2010

Kanoa did a funny thing today while we were at Alford Lake with Devi and Maria.  He kept wanting to look in the garbage cans!  I wonder if he was interested in them because we have a felt book called Elmo Goes To School and he is intrigued with Oscar the Grouch's felt piece (which has been lost for a while now). 

This evening, after a warm bath and just after playing her Nintendo DS in bed, Kana sang beautiful songs (songs she made up) about flowers and rain and growing and summer and fall and even one for Kanoa while he was nursing.  Then she made one up ....something about being eaten by a crocodile!  And she giggled as I was surprised!

From 5:30pm - 6:30pm I helped our group (Citizens For a Green Camden) get signatures of pesticide-free properties today at the voting area in the firehouse.  We got almost 250 signatures!  Our neighbor Sid came over and said that one of my young daughters (it must have been Katie) asked him if he signed the sheet (to say his property was pesticide-free) and he told her he couldn't because he sprays DDT all over it!  He laughed and laughed!  (I still haven't had a chance to ask Katie about that!) 

After helping out, I attended a talk tonight at the library about writing.  I liked this part especially: "A writer writes."  It doesn't have to be published.  You just have to write to be a writer.  Craig, the presenter, did a great job explaining and sharing what he does.  Here's a piece written about the workshop:

 “The Written Parent” Workshop June 8
“Writing is not only a way to remember our children’s first years, but also a therapeutic necessity for anyone sorting through the confusing emotions of parenthood,” he adds. “I believe this workshop benefits writers and non-writers alike.” Craig Idlebrook writes about parenting, politics, and the environment for more than 30 publications. He is an editor for DadsAdventure.com and a contributor to Mothering, Funny Times, and Bangor Metro. His essay “Attack of the Killer Ducks” will be published in the upcoming anthology "A Cup of Comfort for Father."

After the workshop, Jim took Li. Kana and Kanoa to the harbor while I took photos of Katie in the fragrant and beautiful clovers on the lawn by the public library. 

We all then went to the harbor and saw a school of fish!

What kind of fish are these? 

The end of a busy, full day....

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