Thursday, June 10, 2010

Big Helper and Smoothie after Midnight

Today Makana (almost 5) said to Kanoa (1) , "Don't worry Bub.  Someday you can be a big helper too!"  as she put a cup in the cabinet.  (Daddy calls her a big helper alot and I guess she digs it.)

Li had a terrible headache tonight.  He came home, took a shower and napped for a couple of hours (until 12:30am).  He said he felt better, but still had a little headache and although was sort of hungry, felt that he should just keep resting.  I asked him if he wanted a smoothie and he said yes.  Glad I could do that for him and that it will be something healthy he can have that is easy on his body.  Nice and cool going down too.  (He had been wanting a smoothie all day and I just never got to it.  And he got home a bit earlier than I did because he went home with Daddy and I went grocery shopping on the way home.  I had said I'd make him the smoothie when we got home, but he was asleep.  So, finally it got made.)

Real Life Math
Katie and I were loading the car with groceries tonight.  She was pleased that we got three packages (of something) for four dollars and said that it meant we only paid $1.33 for each package and that it was a good deal.  She then noticed how easily she calculated $1.33 and was pleased with that as well!  Real life math!

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