Friday, June 18, 2010

Lots of Photos of Birch Point State Park. Also Misc, Grandma/Mom visits!!! and Rockport harbor!

We visted Birch Point State Park on weekend evening (4/25/2010).  It was beautiful!

Katie and I both took pictures.Skipping stones...Katie has a knack for finding heart shaped rocks.Trying to get a good family!!

Kara and OrionKana used Kanoa's See N Say (which I got secondhand for a dollar or so) to write some words.I think babies look alot like Renoir's paintings because of their red lips, rosy cheeks and large eyes.

5/30/2010 - Jim gave me this hibiscus plant sometime after Makana was born.  It grew well for a long time and then didn't bloom anymore.  This is the first bloom in two years! 

5/30 - Love to look at dragonflies!  Glad to see them again!!

Our sleepy boy....  Jim wanted a photo of Kanoa in this Tshirt as we both went to Rutgers.

5/30/2010- Grandma/Mom arrives!  BIG hugs for all!!!  Makana gets the first hugs!!

6/2- Grandma/Mom and Kanoa

Grandma/Mom and Katie

Mom, me and Kanoa

Grandma/Mom and Li

Later on 6/2, the playground set arrived!  We've always wanted a Cedarworks set! 

Silly Li!

6/4 - morning there was alot of noise outside the bedroom window.  By the time I figured out what was going on and ran outside to the nest, only one bird remained. 

6/6 - We went to Rockport harbor to tour the Lynx, but it had already left due to mechanical difficulty.....maybe next time!  So...we made lemonade...had a picture of all of us taken near the Andre statue and took snapshots of the old lime kilns that once were such a big part of the area.

And the old fog bell...